How to create my Roku account using

Are you thrilled to stream the most entertaining channels on Roku?  Introducing the top models here. It’s always good to choose the one that can offer the best features.  Execute setup to start streaming

 Roku streaming device models

  • Roku Ultra, the ultimate streaming player
  • Streaming stick- Powerfull, portable and ultimate streaming media player
  • Roku premiere – 4K and HDR streaming media player
  • Premiere plus- Affordable streaming media player
  • Roku Express- Powerful HD streaming
  • Express plus- Simple and easy streaming

Top TCL Roku TV Series in demand

  • TCL – 6 Series- R625
  • 50 S 425 50 Inch 4K Roku TV, Tcl
  • TCL 40 s 325- 40 inch 1080p smart LED Roku TV
  • TCL 75 R61775 inch
  • 65 s 517 65 inch 4k Ultra HD Smart Roku TV
  • Small screen TCL 32S 327 32 Inch 1080 p Roku Smart LED TV

Live streaming

Select the live channel packages that suit your budget and requirements. It’s good that you can even record your favorite videos and contents any time

Channel apps- If you would like to access Roku channels from your mobile device, move to the app store to download the channel app. Login with the device account or TV provider account to start streaming

Best Features of Device

  •  Great performance and high
  •  Network connectivity options -11b/g/n and 802.11 b/g/n dual-band Mimo.
  • Streaming class 1080p HD and 4K Ultra HD.
  • HDMI port to link the streaming device to the TV.
  • Dolby audio support.
  • Channel shortcut buttons.
  • Roku search feature to search all your favorite channels
  • Hotel and dorm connect support.
  • Roku remote app that replaces the remote; download this app on the mobile device.
  • Screen mirroring and casting feature to share the screen of the mobile device to the TV screen.
  •  It has the Ethernet and Micro SD card slot.
  • And Remote finder to find the remote easily.

Roku Activation Guide to Help You

If you are new to Roku gadgets and do not know how to proceed with the setup, guidelines are here to help you

  • Roku account creation
  • Hardware connection
  • Roku remote pairing
  • Activating the network
  • Executing the guided setup steps
  • Device linking process using the page,
  • Troubleshooting tips to resolve Roku activation issues

How to Activate Roku device using

Make use of the coming up steps to initiate the activation process:

  1. At first, press the home button, turn on the Roku device.
  2. Next, link it to the network using WiFi.
  3. After that, access the TV screen, and the Roku will update to the latest version.
  4. The users will get a roku activation code.
  5. Under the same link code, you can see the activation link, which is URL
  6. Secondly, access a web browser on the computer and input for the Roku device activation.
  7. Key in the link code and sign in to the Roku account.
  8. If not having a Roku account, make sure to create one.
  9. And finally, the Roku device has been activated.
How to Activate Roku device using

How to Activate your Roku using the Email ID?

To activate your Roku device using an email ID, follow the instructions below

  1. At first, execute the hardware setup
  2. Then find the appropriate port on your TV to connect your streaming device
  3. You will now receive a message on your device screen
  4. The message states that the device activation URL is sent to your Email ID
  5. You can now tap on the link sent to the Email ID to activate your device

How to Link my Roku to the Network to Initiate its Activation via

  1. During the installation process, the network activation process will take place.
  2. At first, choose the appropriate connection mode for network setup.
  3. Keep calm for the automatic search procedure to start.
  4. Scan to speed up and to find the networks easily.
  5. Further, choose wireless settings.
  6. And the key in the network credentials.
  7. Wait for the green tickmark to that indicate the network connection status.

Add and activate your favorite Roku channels

Begin your search to find the most entertaining Roku channels. Select and add the channel to your account to proceed with the channel activation. Channel categories are many to activate and include the free, Paid and Private channels. If the added channel doesn’t appear, perform a system update

How to Resolve Roku device activation and setup issues

Common Roku error codes

Error codes are many on Roku and each of these codes represent a different issue

  • Roku Error code 009- Unable to recognize the wireless signal. Note that the device is already connected to the Router
  • Error code 001- Indicate the wrong code used for activation
  • Code 003- Software error
  • Error code 014- Wi-Fi and Internet connection issue
  • Roku error code 012-  Error code 012 popup, if you choose the wrong port to connect the Ethernet cable Troubleshooting tips

Activation error

Do not use wrong code and page for activation. Use the available soft, hard or factory reset methods

Roku Account

Sign in to Roku account. Check the validity of Roku account. It’s better to set the Roku account Pin to prevent unauthorized channel purchase

Internet issue

Verify the status of network connection. If the connection is not secure, switch to an alternate connection. Do not miss any of the device activation steps. Change the connection to wired, if the wireless connection doesn’t work. Note – If wired connection is your choice, connect USB or Ethernet cable between the Router and device. Select the appropriate wired settings to proceed

Activation code error

Collect a new code contacting the service provider. You can also try pressing the star button of your remote to find a new code. Reset your device and check if you can get rid of the error message

Resetting your Roku

If your issues are still unresolved, head to the Factory Reset option located in the Roku System Settings to perform a full factory reset. Doing this will erase all content on your Roku device.

Audio Issues

Audio problems like distortions, no audio, and audio drops can be fixed instantly by simply restarting your Roku streaming device. Still no luck? Try removing and plugging in the HDMI cable.

Video Issues

If you’re continually facing issues like low-quality video, buffering, or lousy video clarity, try placing your Wi-Fi router next to your Roku device or connect your Roku to the internet via an Ethernet cable.


Suppose your Roku displays the overheating message on the screen, try switching it off for at least 20 minutes and begin using your Roku.

Streaming and Playback Issues during Roku Activation

Check the format of contents to ensure that the version is compatible. Set the parental control option to block the contents and ensure secure streaming

HDCP error with a purple screen- This error is common if you select the wrong port for HDMI cable. Ensure to fix the cable to the exact Port. Check if you can view the error message “HDCP error detected “on your device display screen

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